Simple Walkthrough For Raid Video Game

RAID: Shadow Legends is an exciting new mobile RPG that you can use to collect hundreds of heroes and build strong teams. They will then be used to fight through tons campaign levels, dungeons and other challenges.

In arena battles, you can also fight other players. You can gather silver and gems and equip your characters with equipment to win battles.

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To get started, you should start with the right hero. You can delete the game and reinstall it if you don’t love the hero you choose. Then, you can pick another hero when you restart the game. You have the option to choose from Elhain or Kael or Galek. Elhain is frequently considered to be the best.

There are two modes for each battle: an automatic and a manual. Because it is a turn-based RPG, there are no moving parts. You can simply hit the auto button to let it run, without having to change your strategy. To double your speed, you can hit the 2x button.

Common heroes (and even the most rare ones) can be easily gotten rid of by going to the tavern. You can sacrifice them and use them for rare and higher heroes.

Each summon you perform requires a type of shard. It can be a mystery, void, ancient, or sacred shard. Don’t worry about saving silver for the sacred Shard, as you won’t only need it but also because there is plenty of silver in this game.

You can also match elements against enemies by having more champions. Blue is stronger than green. Red is stronger than blue. Red is stronger than green. The opposite of any other element is purple.

The sparring pit is available to players who have reached player level 15. You can send your hero to the sparring pit to level them up, without having to actually do anything. You can just put your hero there and they will level up with time.

You can unlock the Mine if you have 500 gems. This strategy is great for those who are not stingy. You can accumulate all the gems and then purchase the mine. Five gems will be earned every two days. This will take approximately 4 months, but will keep you able to continue receiving free gems.

To receive the login rewards, make sure you log in every day. There are many ways to get gems and shards for free. Every 28 days you can also get Sacred Shards which can be used in order to unlock rare 4-7 star summon characters. Your team will improve the more you play.

There are two other ways to earn Sacred Shards free of charge: the progress missions and the monthly quests. You can complete five monthly quests each month and you will receive Sacred Shards if you have completed them all. You must complete 150 progress missions before you can get a free Sacred Shard.

You can join a clan and fight the clan boss together. They are nearly impossible to defeat unless you’re max leveled and max rare, but even then, good luck.

You should equip every character with the right equipment. The more rare the equipment, the better. If you see a red dot near an equipment slot, it means that there is no equipment in that slot or that better equipment is available.

After you have the shop, you will be able to unlock all the slots. There will be daily items that can only be purchased using silver. You can also get ancient shards or mystery shards free of charge there, three days for an old one and one for a mystery one.