Review of “Stranger Things” Season 1

Stranger Things was created by the brother’s Matt. It is one of the most loved ongoing series. Although it took me a while and some prodding from friends to get me to watch the series, I was hooked immediately by the characters of Hawkins, Indiana. Stranger Things season 1 is a masterpiece in storytelling and atmosphere. It features an amazing cast and many mysteries.

My firm belief is that a story, movie, book, or Trending TV Shows is only as good as its characters. Stranger Things is full of great characters. The way that all these characters, who are from different backgrounds and ages, managed to weave together a single story that was cohesive at the end of the season, is what drew me in. It’s not easy to use large casts such as Stranger Things, but Season 1 manages to incorporate everyone into the overall plot.

I felt most at home with the teens in the show, especially Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer), Steve Harrington(Joe Keery), Steve Harrington, and Steve Harrington. It was refreshing to see high school popular ideas from high school. This was more true to my high school experiences. Nancy and Steve both realize they don’t need to be accepted by their peers to do the right things. However, they each make this realization on their own, not one or the other or both. They had to come to terms with themselves before they could be committed to a relationship, just like teenagers.

The performances of the child actors Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin(Gaten Matarazzo), Lucas, Caleb McLaughlin, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), and, to a lesser degree, Will (Noah Schnapp), were all convincing. Their characters felt like real children, from their awkward preteen mannerisms to the way they talked and swore at one another. I thought it was the small things, like Mike shouting at his mom to get her attention or Lucas spitting on him before offering a truce, that made me believe the younger characters were better written than other child roles in this industry.

There are a few other stars, aside from the child and teen actors. Winona Ryder makes a comeback to the acting world with her honest portrayal of Joyce Byers. This single mother is struggling and will do whatever it takes to bring her son home. David Harbour is also a strong character as the charming and stoic Chief Jim Hopper, a man on an adventure as he vows that he will find Will Byers. While they are at different points in their lives than the teens or kids, both characters have their issues and that is what I love about the show. Each character has challenges at different points in their lives, which they overcome through the seasons’ strange events.

It is an enjoyable mystery to see unfold. It was a delight to watch the plot unfold.

It was shocking to see Eleven give her life to defeat the monster at the end of the season. It was a shock to me, and it is even more devastating when Eleven says goodbye to Mike. It is a testimony to the Duffer brothers’ exceptional, unpredictable storytelling and heartfelt guidance. Stranger Things earned my respect for taking such a risk. Even though Will is saved there is still a price. Although the ending is not perfect for our heroes it feels satisfying and even though Will gives up a bit at the end, the story felt complete and could have ended there (though I am glad that the series continued).

The show’s tone is fantastic. Kyle Dixon’s soundtrack and Michael Stein’s excellent set design and costume design capture many atmospheres. The Wheeler House is a warm, nostalgic place that welcomes you, while the Byers home has a haunted, chaotic feel. Even the sinister and mysterious HNL, Stranger Things creates an authentic setting in Hawkins, Indiana. This small-town slice of Americana holds a dark secret. With its many characters and set pieces, Stranger Things has been one of the most immersive movies and shows I have ever seen. The Duffers were trying to create a love letter for the ’80s and I could sense the intimacy of their creation.

Stranger Things season 1 is an amazing television show that sets the standard for other TV shows. It wasn’t a commercially-produced show, but a cinematic mystery that was infused with heart. According to the Duffers, they wanted each season to feel unique and like a movie. This is what sets it apart from other TV shows. I am glad I gave it a chance, it is still one of my favorite series.