Important Things to Know About Instagram

Since its inception in 2010, the number of likes received per post has been used nearly exclusively to determine success on the network. Despite the fact that many have questioned the cultural value placed on a photo with 100,000 likes versus one with ten, many Instagram users continue to strive for more likes.

So, what if the social media behemoth decides to do away with likes entirely? We’ll probably find out soon enough.

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Is Instagram deleting likes or hiding them?

Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, stated in November 2019 that the social media platform would begin suppressing the number of likes visible beneath posts. Mosseri told Wired, which reported the story first, that the decision was designed to boost Instagram users’ emotional and mental wellbeing.

“It means we’re going to put the interests of a 15-year-old kid ahead of the interests of a public speaker,” Mosseri explained. “When we consider the realm of public content, we will prioritize people over institutions and companies.”

It’s critical to recognize the distinction here. Likes aren’t being removed from cheap instagram views; they’re just being hidden from your public profile. Likes will now be private, so you will still be able to see how many people liked a post, but no one else will. You won’t be able to see anyone else’s like count.

When do you think Instagram will get rid of likes?

In July 2019, the business began testing the upgrade in Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia before releasing it to all American users in late November 2019. While this is a significant improvement to the platform, Instagram is still in the early stages of testing. Although not everyone is affected, hidden likes are likely to spread to an increasing number of people.

Those in the testing group initially received a banner notification on their home feeds informing them of the removal of likes from public view. However, it appears that the majority of individuals throughout the world have been exposed to an Instagram feed without likes. Instagram has not stated whether or not the adjustment would be permanent.

Why is Instagram thinking about getting rid of likes?

Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, previously indicated that deleting likes was a method for the platform to “depressurize” Instagram for young people. According to a recent CNBC story, the growth and data science teams at Facebook (which owns Instagram) believe that suppressing likes will encourage users to post more frequently. They also believe it will increase the amount of time customers spend on the app.

Instagram has yet to reply to the allegations. Instead, Mosseri maintains that eliminating likes is solely for the sake of making Instagram a better environment.

“It’s for the youth,” Mosseri explained. “The goal is to ‘depressurize’ Instagram, making it less of a competition and giving users more time to connect with the people and things that they care about.”

Why do I continue to see likes on Instagram?

It’s possible that the feature hasn’t yet reached your location if you’re still seeing the amount of likes on an Instagram post. Following the announcement that the United States would be the next country to have likes concealed, Instagram told TechCrunch that the new version of the app would be rolled out to a limited fraction of each country across the world. So, even if the amount of likes is still visible right now, it won’t be for much longer.

What would Instagram be like if it didn’t have likes?

The hidden likes function will only show one username — likely an account you and the user posting both follow — followed by “and others,” rather than the usual amount of likes displayed on a post.

Nonetheless, there is a way to compare how successful posts are to others. The following are the most recent IG measurements:

  • If you have less than 100 likes, your profile will be labeled as “others.”
  • Below 1,000 likes: “hundreds of others” is displayed.
  • Below 100,000 likes: “thousands of others” is displayed.
  • Below 1,000,000 likes: “hundreds of thousands of others” is displayed.

While the actual number of likes is kept private and only the user can see it, there is a means to count them. Anyone can view the names of those who liked the post by clicking on “others,” and if you’re extremely careful, you can manually count how many people liked it.

The advantages and disadvantages of removing Instagram likes

Instagram likes appear to be on their way out, but what does this signify for the platform? What does it mean for you as a user, specifically?

What good would it do you if Instagram gets rid of likes?

If you’re used to getting a lot of likes — or if attaining a certain amount of likes on a post was a goal for you — you might be wondering if suppressing likes has any advantages.

There are advantages to this adjustment as long as you aren’t building your account through unethical means. The benefits are as follows:

Smaller accounts will be able to mix in with larger, more established accounts, providing them the opportunity to gain reputation.

Accounts that bought likes or grew their followers in various non-organic ways will no longer have the same clout.

Users may like the lack of pressure to reach a set amount of likes and will post more.

On Instagram, people will be more likely to interact, remark, and engage.
It appears that suppressing likes not only levels the playing field, but also allows Instagram to return to its original purpose: genuine connection.

How might hiding likes on Instagram be bad for you?

There are usually certain drawbacks to any new social media function. However, in this case, the benefits much exceed the disadvantages, which include:

Accounts with a high perceived credibility risk losing their clout.

We used to give accounts with thousands of likes per post a type of earned authority inside the social media world before we introduced concealed likes. Some of those accounts may see a decline in interaction if that authority isn’t presented big and bright on our feeds.

This disadvantage will likely not be a problem if an account posts genuine content and makes an attempt to engage and communicate with their followers.